Daniel McGowan, Analyst


danielDaniel McGowan provides data collection and analysis for market analyses, drawing on published demographic statistics and direct interviews with developers and leasing and sales agents.  His work includes both local and national public and private clients.  Daniel prepared detailed demographic analyses and profiled competitive developments for communities in Prince George’s County, MD, Enfield, CT, and Augusta, GA.

Daniel analyzed demographic and economic trends for an analysis of affordable housing at transit stations in Langley Park, MD, Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC.  In support of a transportation fiscal impact model, he researched the links between vehicles miles traveled and land use development patterns, which underscored the importance of compact development near transit stations.  In both endeavors, data driven analysis required Daniel to provide spatial representation of critical data sets.

Daniel has experience in corridor planning in both Maryland and Virginia.  In examining the office and lodging development potential for three nodes along a commercial corridor in Northern Virginia, Daniel spoke with brokers and property managers to evaluate competition within the relevant trade areas.  He assisted in developing a comprehensive sustainable mixed-use strategy for a revitalization plan along a five-mile corridor in Richmond that hosted a large supply of affordable housing.  Daniel also worked on the demographic and economic analysis for the Pulaski Highway Redevelopment Study Phase III, focusing on the changing nature of industrial development.

Recently, Daniel analyzed detailed industry subsectors, supporting economic development efforts in Washington, DC’s Ward 5 neighborhood.  As part of the plan’s feasibility analysis, he aided in generating a gross cost estimate for the co-location of government operations onto a single campus. Daniel’s research skills include obtaining first-source information critical for real estate assessments.  For the downtown DC business district, Daniel conducted regression analyses on property-level data to test for the impact of proximity to a park on the value of commercial properties.  Daniel was a Division I soccer player and coached players in summer soccer camps.