Market-Driven Analysis

  • Market analysis for commercial (office and industrial), residential and mixed-use (retail, hotel and other land uses) development
  • Development potential for specific business districts, corridors, neighborhoods and transit station areas
  • Financial feasibility analysis and scenario testing for new development
  • Housing needs assessments

Real Estate Advisory Services

  • Structuring of public/private partnerships
  • Developer solicitation
  • Developer proposal evaluation and cash flow analysis
  • Negotiation of developer agreements
  • Asset management strategies

Economic Development and Revitalization Strategies

  • Neighborhood revitalization strategies
  • Transit-oriented development strategies
  • Financial strategies (tax-increment financing, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurship and business retention
  • Industry cluster analysis
  • Heritage tourism and adaptive reuse of historic structures

Impact Analysis

  • Review of current fiscal impacts
  • Fiscal impact analysis for proposed future development
  • Economic impact analysis for new development
  • Economic impact analysis for universities, performing arts and public institutions

Public Policy Evaluations and Strategies

  • Economic and fiscal analysis of current and proposed public policies, such as inclusionary zoning and economic incentives
  • Funding alternatives and strategies for public/private partnerships and other public programs
  • Affordable housing strategies