Hull Street Corridor Revitalization Plan

City of Richmond and County of Chesterfield, VA

Hull Street is an aging commercial corridor serving South Richmond and the western part of Chesterfield County characterized by outdated commercial facilities, high speeds and minimal pedestrian amenities. Under a Sustainable Communities grant from the U.S. Government, the two jurisdictions undertook a cooperative revitalization strategy that included road and streetscape improvements, development of underutilized properties, open space improvements and economic/workforce development efforts. The multi-disciplinary planning team that emphasized an extensive community engagement process to involve both English- and Spanish-speaking populations. PES’s role was to analyze the private market potentials for corridor redevelopment and to develop the implementation strategy with both immediate actions and longer term strategies. The plan was honored with the Outstanding Plan Award from the Virginia Chapter of the American Planning Association. It also received a Vision Award from the Urban Land Institute-Richmond as the Best Example of Regional Cooperation.