Ward 5 Industrial Land Transformation Strategy

District of Columbia Office of Planning

As advisors to a Mayoral Task Force on the transformation of industrial lands in Ward 5 (Northeast Washington, DC), PES is providing market analysis and developing economic strategies. The District is seeking long-term transformation of industrial lands to accommodate industries of the future and to provide employment opportunities for Ward 5 residents. PES conducted in-depth case studies of strategies employed in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Berkeley, San Francisco and Philadelphia as guidance on best practices and techniques for diversifying the city’s economy, focusing particularly on techniques to support maker businesses. This involved evaluating alternative approaches that range from co-working to shared tools and equipment. The near- and longer-term strategies being recommended include better organization for industrial development, zoning to protect industrial properties and prevent residential encroachment in some locations, accommodation of live-work opportunities in other locations, incentives for investment in new facilities to meet the needs of second-stage companies, support for the maker economy (such as branding and marketing of products made in DC) and infrastructure investments. PES prepared an in-depth market analysis of the opportunities for niche industry cluster development as well as the future needs of existing production, distribution and repair companies.